Joystick, otherwise known as Josh or FsMetal is this sites creator, and he is very proud of it. He is a huge metal head who also happens to enjoy reading. He has a passion for movies, baseball and hockey as well. The Simpsons is his favorite show. He loves the works of Kubrick, Carpenter, Smith and Tarantino. For books, he loves science fiction and fantasy. Some of his favorite authors include Simon R Green, HP Lovecraft, JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin.


Cousin Eddy is the site's graphic designer. He is a musician who is going to school in hopes of becoming a music teacher. He enjoys acting and is a freelance photoshop designer. He would describe himself as a dranged weirdo and a casual gamer. He also has his own band, Requiem For Oblivion, who can be checked out here


Alex, aka Gameface, is our resident retro gamer. If it was released less than ten years ago there's a pretty good chance he's never heard of it. He enjoys quirky oddities like ska, anime, anthro and steampunk. He is a business school grad and aspires to be an entrepreneur.


Favourite video game genre: RPG, Action/Adventure, Music, Shooter (SHMUP)

Favourite video game series: Beatmania IIDX, Guitar Freaks & Drummania, Mario, Contra, Tales of, Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Shin Megami Tensei, Phoenix Wright, The Legend of Zelda, Atelier series, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Cave Shooters, and more.

Favourite music genre: Jpop, Metal

I've been a big fan of video games since the first time I laid my eyes on one. I actually left my newly bought hot wheel car at the game store when I had a controller on my hand for the first time. I got a Famicom as a gift when I was 7, and that is when the Mario, TMNT and Contra madness started. I didn't get to own another console until the N64, so the 16-bit era was the “leech era,” for me (lol). I was always at my friends’ house playing video games, like hardcore. You know that it's bad when you finish Final Fantasy III and secret of mana at your friend's house.

With the short and expensive N64 games, 32/64-bit era was my "rental era". I would rent one or two game every weekend and spam them until I finish them, and I always manage to finish at least one. That's the reason why I can proudly say that I finish at least 60% of all N64 games. I never got to own a Playstation until late 1999. I had to wait until four years later to break down and admit that I made a mistake in buying a N64 as a RPG fan (N64 was a great console, but it lacked RPGs). I went to buy a PS2 about a year later. PS2 is, in my opinion, one of the greatest system ever. It's also when I started with my passion for import games, game collection and system collection.


D-Pad is the youngest in the group and ironically is the most interested in classic 8-bit gaming, starting with classical titles such as Mega-Man, Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Brothers. Like many of you listenners, he found his first love chasing the alluring glow of the TV screen, staying up all night with his Nintendo. D-Pad has an aclectic slew of interests, but feels most comfortable migrating back into the nerd fandom. His non-video game interest include punk-rock, anime, manga, being a film buff, hanging out with close company and generally going any way his free spirit takes him.


Eric resides in Akron Ohio, with an interest in music, mainly hard rock and heavy metal, video games and photography not to mention the oncoming zombie apocalypse. He is attending Kent State University for photo illustration. Eric spends his free time playing guitar, enjoying a cold beverage and debating whether or not Thor could kick Superman's ass...the answer is yes, yes he could.