FS Tries 360 Demos - Quick Thoughts

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Elements - Part of me wants to like this game. I can tell that there is a great game hidden somewhere in here, but it is burried under a multitude of problems. The controls are shoddy at best. Just try to impale someone and you will see what I mean. The voice actign was poor and hte game was glitchy. Enemies are dumb. One of them stoped attacing me out of the blue and just stood there as I whacked away at him. I played through the demo as botu a mage and a warrior. The mage as a bit more challenging and more fun because his weaker physical strength forces you to rely more on magic. The entire thign feel like wasted potential

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - This is Gauntlet. It is. You run through linear paths that are the outdoor equivalent of corridors and beat the crap out of everything htat moves. The game felt button mashy and repetitive. The level up system felt tacked on in an attempt to make it seem like some kind of RPG, which it isn't,. IT is weakk. Only 3 stats that you can upgrade? What's that about? where are all my skills I can gradually upgrade over time? It kind of leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Before the demo was done, I was going "Is this ever going to end?" I read the prologue to this game and thought "Just how many RPG cliches can they cram into the back story?!"

FEAR Files - I am sure you are all aware that, despite being repetitive, I liked FEAR. The enemies are smart and fun to fight against, and that has not changed with FEAR Files. Everything I liked about FEAR is still in tact. IT would be nice to see some things change, but more FEAR is not a bad thing. I wasn't amazed, but it did keep my interest enough to make me consider buying this one. As a side note, I like the FEAR story and want to know what happens next. I am also looking forward to Project Origin

Condemned: Criminal Origin - My initial impression of this game was not good. During hte evidence gathering segment, it just kind of throws you in and says "Do it" without telling you giving you any clue as to what you are supposed to shine your green light on. I was steps away from saying "eff this" when I found hwat I was looking for. I am glad I did because this game actually wound up seeming like it would be pretty cool. The eerie sound design is decent for a horror game and the unnatural movements of your enemies added to the overall atmosphere of this game. I liked the ability to pick up anything and use it as a weapon. I am glad I stuck with this demo because it wound up being fun. This is one 460 game I am definitely going to look into

Crackdown - This game felt like it was Grand Theft Auto basically. Instead of playing the crooks, you play the cops....with super powers. IT is a strange combo, but it works. This game seemed quite fun and I wonder what extra stuff hte final version has in store beyond what the demo offers.

Orange Box - Yes. I played the Orange Box demo despite owning it for PC. I wanted to see what hte game was like on consoles. Sue me. Anyway, I can see how someone would wind up not buying the game based on this demo. Tjhe only one of hte 5 games they actually give you a preview of is HL2 Episode 2. Why? And it was maybe 10 minutes in length...and all 10 minutes was story. Although it did show off the impressive physics of the Source engine, it never got into any of the really good parts of Half Life 2 Episode 2, which is most of it actually. What were they thinking with giving you so little? If you are still on the fence over the Orange Box, ignore this demo. IT doesn't give you a feel for just how good the whole package, let alone Episode 2, is.

Overlord - I liked this demo ALOT. I didn't want it to end. I was sad when it did. The game may not be the most amazing thing in any way, but it has it where it counts. This game is fun. IT never takes itself too seriously, but it gives players the opportunity they have always wanted. The chance to play the evil guy that we have been slaying for the last 20 years. The chance to kick around the hero instead of the villian. Watching your minions destroy things and listening to the cries of the villagers and what now should please anyone with a bit of a sadistic side. Download it and try it for yourself. Hack everything apart. Help people out and then betray them. It's fun.

Marathon - This game brings back memories. I used to have Marathon 2 for PC many moons ago and I remember playing it quite a bit. This game is as cool as I remembered, and it makes me wonder why Bungie forgot how to make an awesone FPS (Note: Have not tried H3, but 1 and 2 failed to impress me). This game is simple but fun and, graphically, it has received quite an upgrade. It looks quite a bit better than I remember. I don;t have the best memory in the world, though, so I may be wrong.